new Harley String Band album

Coming Soon! The Harley String Band's third album. "Earthly Pursuits" represents the best work of this trio of adventurous singer-songwriters over the past five years, and it pulls no punches.


Saturday, April 4, 5:30 to 7:30. Epicure Cafe, Faifax, VA. CD RELEASE CONCERT!

Saturday, April 18, 4-8pm. Old Bust Head Brewing Company, Warrenton VA

Saturday, May 16. Stone Room House Concerts, Falls Church. Opening for (the amazing) Harpeth Rising. Suggested $20 contribution. Email to reserve a ticket.

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Harley String Band: Three talented singer-songwriters who mine the deep veins of American music and bring back the occasional rough diamond. Supporting each other on a variety of acoustic instruments, they aspire to breathe new life into traditional musical forms.

HSB performs "Rain Follows the Plow" on the Cayamo Cruise, January 2015.

Carry Me Back to North Virginny
New HSB single for Sprawl-and-Crawlers.

Maximón! New HSB single. Listen above. Backstory on the Travels page.
Didn't Come to Stay Long, the Harley String Band's first "grownup album" is still available, featuring their trademark songs of sin and misery. Surprise! The band's first CD is a children's album. Subtitled "Nature songs for kids, parents, and teachers," the Cougar of Haycock Woods celebrates outdoor learning and nature's power to inspire.