Download the Harley-fried version of live show favorite, I've Just Seen a Face. This is from a living-room practice, in mono, just like the original.


July 10. Cafe Montmartre, Reston. 7:00pm

August 17. Central Farm Markets, Pike

August 25. Central Farm Markets, Marshall HS (Tysons)

Sept 14. Central Farm Markets, Westfield, Montgomery

Oct 20. Central Farm Markets, Marshall HS (Tysons)


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Playing for Maximon

In 2009, HSB visited and played for the Mayan God, Maximón, as commemorated in this illstration by Rodney Parsons. Read all about it on the Travels page.

Didn't Come to Stay Long

Didn't Come to Stay Long, the Harley String Band's first "grownup album" is still available, featuring their trademark songs of sin and misery.

The Cougar of Haycock Woods

Surprise! The band's first CD is a children's album. Subtitled "Nature songs for kids, parents, and teachers," the Cougar of Haycock Woods celebrates outdoor learning and nature's power to inspire.

Announcing: Earthly Pursuits!

new Harley String Band album

Out Now! Listen. Read the Lyrics. Download.

"Fave albums of 2015" -- Lilli Kuzma, WDCB Chicago

"tight harmonies, mighty fine picking, and hooks galore" -- Mary Cliff, Traditions

Highlights from the Earthly Pursuits CD release at the Epicure Cafe, April 4, 2015

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Performance of Rain Follows the Plow at the Iota Club

The Harley String Band anchors performances of the Rain Follows the Plow project.